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My First Scrotal Infusion

My First Scrotal Infusion

I set a date and precise time, at which my patient was to receive his first scrotal infusion. The anticipation always made me horny and moved me to masturbate several times a day. The thought of getting a fully distended ball sack, caused by infusion, made my penis hard every time, without having to touch it.

A few days later it was time. I jerked off and watched some pornos. In exactly two hours it would be time. When it was time, I wanted to give the patient some shock treatment. So, I blasted my balls and prick hard with current. Next I took twenty cards with beautful women and laid them face down on the table. After each shock torture session, I took one of the cards at random and turned it face up as a reward. There would be shock torture until the picture of Lady Diana turned up.

I obediently treated myself with a full pressure stream and then pulled the twelfth card out. It was Lady Diana. At the sight of her I got very turned on. For her I would even have allowed myself to be castrated. I immediately removed the electrodes, and said to myself: “The next, please.” I imagined I was sitting in the waiting room of a lady urologist and had been called into her treatment room.

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